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Body Piercing Troubleshooting

This form is for Mauve clients. Should you wish to book a consultation with us for help with a piercing we did not do, please call our studio to book an appointment.

Please note that any Yahoo email address is getting hidden due to known issues with Yahoo mail services. Please use another email account if you have one or phone us for more assistance.

Before submitting our form, please ensure that you have reviewed our aftercare instructions and be sure that you are doing everything we recommend in the way we recommend it.

Are you still doing aftercare?
If your piercing is still in the initial healing phase you should still be doing the aftercare as recommended.

Still having trouble?

Fill out the following information and we will help you out! If you do not have the information or don’t know, please state this.

Yes / No
Straight barbell, circular barbell, seam ring, hinge AKA clicker, etc. (see How Jewelry works if you are unsure )
Provide any information that you have about the material.
Does not apply to captive bead rings, fixed bead rings, seam rings, or clickers.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.
Attach well lit, clear photos of the piercing from multiple angles

(see How Jewelry works if you are unsure)