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Services and standards

Our Work Standards

At Mauve we only use the highest quality jewelry, minimal tooling, and premium equipment. We are constantly reviewing and updating our workplace standards and protocols when new information is learned or when better techniques are found. We want your piercing experience to be as trouble-free as possible and we have standards that we follow to ensure this. Sometimes we may have to refuse to perform certain piercings or use a client’s jewelry as your safety is our top priority.

Please see the Hygiene and Equipment page for more information about the tools, equipment, and disinfectants we work with.

What We Do

We are a body piercing only studio. We do not perform tattoos.

Success rate is what we refer to as the chance of success in the long term, not only a few months. Some piercings are more challenging to heal and need more attention and care than others. As well, certain piercings are more prone to migration than others.

We only perform body piercings that are considered safe and have a good chance of success. Sometimes we have to change the placement or piercing type to accommodate your anatomy. We want the only thing you need to concern yourself with to be the care and maintenance of the piercing.

We only pierce with brand new jewelry. Previously worn jewelry, whether you purchased it from us or not, could have nicks or deep scratches that can harbour bacteria even after cleaning and sterilization and could affect the healing of a new piercing. If you have jewelry that you want to wear, you can be pierced with new basic jewelry and then put your old jewelry in when it is safe to do so.

We only pierce with jewelry purchased from our studio otherwise we cannot attest to its origin, composition, or quality of materials and workmanship.

What We Do Not Do

Unsafe piercings are all over the internet and many times we need to refuse them, such as tongue tip piercings, piercings on the legs, arms, or hands. Just because you see a picture of a piercing on the internet does not mean that we will do it. We do not work with the attitude of “let’s hope this works out” as we do not want to experiment on our clients.

Extreme body modifications like tongue splitting and ear pointing are not performed at our studio and we do not offer any advice or referrals.

Ear lobe repairs are not within the scope of what any piercer should do and should only be performed by a board-certified surgeon.