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MRI / Medical / Dental

MRI, Medical, and Dental Procedures With Body Piercings

For any procedures, ensure that you speak with the provider well in advance so you do not have a surprise on the day of your procedure. If retainers are necessary, you will need time to have them installed by us.

MRI with Body Piercings

The decision is usually made by the clinic or hospital providing the MRI and they normally will want you to remove your jewelry no matter what the material. You can take your jewelry information with you and reference the ASTM certification that our jewelry is compliant with to show the technician and they may allow it. While our titanium (ASTM F136) and steel (ASTM F138) jewelry is safe in an MRI, gold contains alloys that could be affected by the machine and you will likely be asked to remove it.

Even if the jewelry is safe or you are using glass retainers (explained below) you may still need to take out jewelry if it is in the area that is being scanned. Glass will create reflections that will likely distort the imaging.

Medical Procedures with Body Piercings

You will be asked to remove body piercings for medical procedures that you are receiving general anesthesia (put to sleep) for. This is in case of the chance they need to defibrillate you as there is a safety concern with the electrical arc. Glass retainers will help avoid this.

Dental Procedures and X-Rays with Body Piercings

This depends greatly on your dentist as our head piercer has 10 piercings between the mouth and nose area and their dentist is able to do a full x-ray without requiring any jewelry to be removed.

Glass Retainers for Medical Procedures and MRI

We sell a variety of clear borosilicate glass retainers that are perfect for keeping your piercing channel open and safe during these procedures. You will need to make an appointment with us to have them installed.