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Jewelry Quality

Body Jewelry Quality

Jewelry quality is paramount to the safe and successful healing of a new piercing. We only provide the best jewelry from the top suppliers in the industry. Our main suppliers are Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA), Anatometal, and Gorilla Glass. We sometimes have jewelry from other quality suppliers.

Healed Piercings VS Healing Piercings

A new piercing or stretched piercing should only be performed with jewelry that meets the quality standards set by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). During the initial and, in most cases, long term healing period you should only wear this type of jewelry.

Once the long term healing period has passed, you can wear other materials that are not acceptable to pierce with, such as wood. Some piercings will be more tolerant with lower quality materials and others will not. Ear lobes are a good example of an area where you can wear a variety of materials once they are fully healed.

Our Materials

Yellow, White, Rose Gold – Gold reigns supreme at Mauve as its beauty cannot be compared! All gold is solid 14K or higher. All gold rings are nickel free as are our threaded ends. While some high-quality manufacturers choose to use trace amounts of nickel in their white gold threaded ends, it is imperative that nickel-based gold is not inserted into the body.

Platinum – We love the beautiful decadence of platinum! While we may have it in the studio from time to time we normally place custom orders for this.

Titanium compliant with ASTM F136 – This is the most used material at our studio as it is used for the base portion of the jewelry for the majority of our piercings. Whether it is a beautiful rose gold gem cluster in your nostril or a simple and stunning white gold prong set diamond in your ear cartilage, the supporting base will be in titanium. This material is used in the medical industry for bone screws and pins.

Stainless steel compliant with ASTM F138 – We use this for disks, balls, and some rings
as it has a higher shine than titanium. One of the uses in the medical industry is steel plates in the head.

Titanium compliant with ASTM F67 – We have only a few rings made from this material.

Glass – We use soda-lime and borosilicate glass from Gorilla Glass. This is used for piercings 10g or higher and all retainers for surgical procedures or hiding a piercing.

Niobium – A hypoallergenic element that is used in pacemakers, for example. We have a small assortment of black rings in this material.

Threading Type

We only use internally threaded jewelry when applicable. We do have a small selection of threadless bases for our clients, but all piercing jewelry is internally threaded.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our manufacturers guarantee that gems will not fall out of their settings for the life of the jewelry. Jewelry is never guaranteed against coming undone or falling out, so make sure you check your jewelry daily!

In the event that a gem falls out, we ask you to contact us immediately so that we can start
the return process with you.

“Can you pierce me with jewelry I bring to the studio?”

Our studio’s policy is that we do not pierce with jewelry that does not come from our studio as we have no way to attest to its origin, composition, or quality of materials and workmanship.

“Can you pierce me with my old jewelry that I bought at Mauve?”

For safety and hygiene reasons, we do not pierce with previously worn jewelry. If you want to use your old jewelry, we recommend you get pierced with new standard jewelry and allow the piercing to stabilize, and then we can clean and install your old jewelry.