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How Jewelry Works

How Body Jewelry Works

Here you will see most of the options available for body jewelry from our suppliers. Please note that our example shows mostly threaded jewelry as that is what we primarily use.


How do you remove your jewelry?

If you cannot have your threaded jewelry removed by us, you can follow these instructions for removing your jewelry at home.

Please do not use pliers on jewelry as it will permanently damage it.

  • take a damp gauze or paper towel in both hands
  • grip the disk and ball with the damp gauze
  • gently unscrew the jewelry apart in a similar direction as “unscrewing the jar” or “turn down the volume”
  • you may need to make several rotations.
  • if it is not coming undone, you may want to try to do this after a shower with a 2-minute rinse of the jewelry.