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Genital FAQ

Additional Information on Genital Piercings

Please ensure you read our Genital Aftercare page as that will provide specific insight for care.

How Much Does it Hurt?

Genital piercings can be easier than many other piercings and usually, the worst part of it is the mental aspect of having one’s genitals pierced. Most of our clients are quite pleasantly surprised by how easy it is.

Fashion and Function

Many genital piercings fulfill both fashion and function! Some will accommodate beautiful gemmed jewelry and provide heightened stimulation and there are a few that are only for fashion. We will work with you to realize your expectations with your idea.

Can My Partner Be In The Room With Me?

We do not allow partners or friends in our piercing rooms for any piercing procedures as we like to focus all of our energy on our clients. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

Will I Lose Sensitivity Because Of My Genital Piercing?

Having jewelry through a body part usually enhances the sensitivity in the area. When a piercing is new, you will have heightened sensitivity and as time goes on your body will get used to it. If you ever retire the piercing, you may notice that you do not have the same sensitivity and you may feel like you lost sensitivity. This is simply muscle memory.

Can I Get Any Genital Piercing?

It is extremely important to understand that not everyone can get every piercing. Just because we see a picture of a piercing online, it does not mean that it will work for your anatomy. We must work with your anatomy and plan piercings that will be successful whether it is a single piercing or a curated project.

Certain piercings will require a free consultation before we book you for a piercing appointment as they are very anatomy dependent. If you have only one specific piercing in mind it is best to come in for the consultation. If you are open to having any piercings in the area we will work with you to see what works best for your anatomy.

Why Is The Jewelry So Thick?

Thicker jewelry is more stable and will help prevent tearing and migration.

How Will Hormone Therapy Affect My Piercing?

Generally speaking, some body parts will have more growth during arousal due to hormone therapy. It is important that you discuss this with the piercer as it will help us determine the correct placement of the jewelry.

Heightened Risk of STI and STD During Healing Process

A body piercing is an open wound while it is in its initial healing process. Care must be taken when engaging in sexual activities that could involve fluid transfer as this can put you at a heightened risk of contracting any blood or fluid borne sexually transmitted infections or diseases.

Slow down your activities and listen to your body. Whether engaging in manual or mutual masturbation, play with toys, oral stimulation, or intercourse, you must take care to not put pressure on your new piercing as you could tear the delicate healing tissue. If you feel sharp intense pain you are likely pinching or tearing the piercing channel and you should change position or activities.

After any sexual activity, please ensure that you clean the area around the piercing.