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Genital Aftercare

Genital Piercing Aftercare

Please see our Standard Aftercare for all of the day to day care procedures you need to follow as they are the same for genital piercings.

Risk factors with genital piercings

Please remember that a piercing is an open wound until you have reached the initial healing period. All activities with other people involving contact with the piercing put you at risk of sexually transmitted infections and safer sex practices should be followed.

Sexual activity with genital piercings

While you do not have to completely abstain from all sexual activity, including masturbation, during the healing time we do recommend taking a break as any stress on the area could cause tearing.

When you return to sexual activities, we recommend you go slow as the tissue is fragile during the healing period and tearing can occur; it is not a “hurts so good scenario”. Certain positions will be comfortable and others will not. If you feel any discomfort due to friction or sharp pain from impact it is best to change position or refrain from the activity.

Bleeding and bruising with genital piercings

Genital piercings tend to have more bleeding than other piercings. You can expect to see quite more bleeding during the first few days and then small amounts up to the first week and a half or so. We recommend wearing menstrual pads during this time to avoid any accidents. In addition, fluid barrier liners for your mattress and using older, darker sheets, as well as wearing older darker underwear are recommended. Nighttime erections with Prince Albert piercings tend to cause more bleeding.

Bruising does not always happen with any piercings, but you can expect to see it.

Dry the skin

While it is mentioned in our Standard Aftercare, it is worth emphasizing here that you should ensure the skin is kept dry. When our climate gets humid, we can see issues with piercings due to the excess humidity. Drying the area with gauze throughout the day can help avoid these issues

Stay hydrated

Good hydration is great at all times for wound healing and for piercings through the urethra frequent urination can help even more.

Other suggestions

Jewelry may feel like it sticks to the skin at times and can feel pinchy. We recommend using a sterile water-based lubricant to help with this.

If you cannot avoid swimming with penile piercings, a condom could be worn and secured with an elastic band to help keep water out.