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For Your Safety

At Mauve, we take every precaution to ensure that our clients will have their modification performed using the safest and most hygienic practices.  When preparing the room for a piercing, tattoo, scarification, or jewelry change the work area is sprayed down with a hospital level surface disinfectant. Our sterilizer, a Statim 5000, is spore tested every week (although other studios will do this monthly, if at all) by an independent laboratory to ensure that our sterilizer is working properly.  Please click below to see our latest spore test results:


At most studios, tattoos are performed with a re-useable device known as a tube that holds the needle in place and this is connected to the tattoo machine.  The needle is dipped into a small plastic cup that holds the ink and excess ink and blood is wiped off of the skin using a paper towel.

All tattooing at Mauve is done using single use supplies so no part of the machine that comes into contact with a client’s skin or blood is ever used on another client.

We ensure your safety with the following controls:

•  all needles are  single use
•  all tubes are single use items made from steel and / or plastic, the newest and best innovation on the market
•  all pigment cups are disinfected and then packaged to protect from airborne debris prior to use
•  our paper towels are actually dense, soft, single use towels that are sterilized

We use a state of the art bandaging system using a sterile, waterproof, breathable bandage that will protect your new tattoo and keep you safe from infection.


The key elements to a successful piercing are hygiene, jewelry quality, placement, and aftercare. When preparing the room for a piercing,  tattoo, scarification, or jewelry change the work area is sprayed down with a hospital level surface disinfectant that kills Tuberculosis in 5 minutes. The industry standard is to perform piercings with regular, clean examination gloves, however, at Mauve all piercings are performed using sterile gloves.

For initial piercings we will only use jewelry that has been certified for human medical implants – titanium that meets ASTM F136 and stainless steel that meets ASTM F138 – as these materials are currently what would be used for pins implanted into a knee, or a plate used in a head, for example. Other materials deemed suitable for initial piercings may be used, such as niobium, Teflon, or glass, provided it meets the standards put forth by the Association of Professional Piercers. All threaded jewelry is internally threaded. In addition, all of our jewelry is guaranteed by our manufacturers for life and the stones are set by hand; no adhesives are used.

At Mauve we will not perform piercings that are a risk to our clients.  Certain piercings will only work for specific anatomies and cannot be placed on everyone.  Also, there are many piercings that are very risky that do not heal well, even though there are many pictures of them on the Internet.  We will never put our clients at risk just for the sake of profit!

Our aftercare products and procedures are introduced and discussed with the client during the post-piercing interview so that we can ensure that they fully understand how to take care of their piercing and what they can expect if they do not.  In addition we discuss some of the common myths about piercing aftercare as well as how to avoid the pitfalls.

Our follow up appointments are always free and encouraged!




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