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Our Services

At Mauve we offer services in tattooing, piercing, scarification (cutting and branding), “magnetic vision”, as well as other extreme body modification procedures.


Our tattoo services are based on custom, personalized designs that the artist will help you conceptualize during your free consultation and the artist will present you with a proof to review before the tattoo work is done.  We will also tattoo images or designs that you bring in that you have found or designed yourself.


For initial piercings, all jewelry is made from ASTM certified medical implant grade titanium (ASTM F136 and ASTM F67), stainless steel (ASTM F138), nickel free gold, niobium, or other materials deemed suitable for initial piercings per the guidelines of the Association of Professional Piercers.  All threaded jewelry is internally threaded.  Although consultations are not as common for piercings as for other body modifications, we strongly encourage that you book a free consultation if you have any questions or concerns, would like to see the jewelry in advance, or would like to have a studio tour.


We perform scarification either by cutting, branding or a combination of the two.  Normally it is best to have a consultation for these services so that we can discuss your idea.

Magnetic Vision

We provide magnetic vision services.

Prince’s Wands and Chastity Devices

We do consultations and measurements for custom chastity devices and prince’s wands made exclusively by Steelwerks. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and desires and get you the device that is better than what you dreamed of! Steelwerks is a Montreal based company world-renowned for producing the highest quality devices on the market.




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