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About Mauve

Mauve is the vision of Pat Pierce who wanted to bring the personal, clinical level of service and hygiene that he practices in piercing and scarification to the realm of tattooing and provide all of these services in the same studio.  In addition, he wanted to create a studio where the focus is on high end client service and there is a climate of ongoing education and knowledge sharing among the artists so that everyone is continually improving themselves in order to provide the best service to their clients.  

Mauve is a bias and judgment free zone where everyone is welcome and will be treated with respect!   Whether you are a family who wants to bring their children in for their first piercing or you are a serious body modification aficionado with a need for educated guidance on your modification, we will provide you with the best service and product.

Pat Pierce began his piercing career with an apprenticeship with the legendary Pierre Black of Black Sun Studio in November of 2006 and then continued piercing with Yanick Bleau of Excentrik in February of 2008, where he moved on to become the primary piercer and manager.  He became a Professional Business Member of the Association of Professional Piercers in January 2011 (at that time he was the fourth member in Canada). He continues to attend regular courses on infection control and bloodborne pathogens with Health Educators Inc. as well as attends conferences and takes classes with the Association of Professional Piercers, of which he is a Professional Business Member.  




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